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Things NOT to have for breakfast

Processed foods like sausage, nugets, bacon,cheese, cereals …. everything that has too much oil, fat , refined sugars and flour. And NO high fructose corn syrup, Everything that you think is the typical american breakfast … AVOID. 
The best breakfast that you can possibly have is  FRUIT. It provides your body with easily digestible sugars and fuels you for the day. Here are some ideas: Chop banana, strawberries, black berries and peaches put in a bowl cover with almond milk and add some chopped almonds or walnuts and top with 1 tbsp of chia seeds or flax seeds. And you have a ultra healthy cereal! 
Another AMAZING option is Oatmeal.

-Make oatmeal porridge in the morning with almond or coconut milk instead of cow milk (you dont want that anyways) and top with bananas, sliced almonds and some chia seeds. 

-Or make overnight oats by soaking the oats in almond milk or coconut milk overnight with chia seeds. In the morning, add chopped fruit, some flax or chia seeds, maybe some almond milk and enjoy!

-You can also make pancakes out of oat flour (which is just oats processed into flour in a food process at home – no yucky stuff here ) with banana and coconut/almond milk and then cooked like regular pancakes!

A good option is also having toast with avocado if you dont have time to make any of the above options.